Montclair HS Class of '67 Reunion

"Montclair's Treasures"

Concert Music

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Thanks to Tom Hagen, who requested these recordings at our 50th Reunion, and Ingrid Laurell, who actually had the records, I was able to transfer music from two wonderful high school concert albums.

The first is dated December 22, 1965, and is the Christmas Concert, including the Combined Mixed Chorus, Combined Girls Chorus, Madrigal Chorus and Combined Boys Chorus. The labels for both sides are included so you can see details. Just as a notation: this is the album with the Hallelujah Chorus accompanied by the brass ensemble. It's wonderful!

The second album has excerpts from the December 1966 Christmas Concert with the various choruses, and also some from the May 1967 Spring Concert. The brass ensemble is not in the Hallelujah Chorus on this album. But they are included in one of the Spring Concert pieces. The labels for both sides of the album are again included, and a scan of the Spring Music Festival program. I'm sure you will recognize the names of our wonderful participants, soloists and ensembles.

Feel free to download the files! Enjoy the music - we were fantastic!!!

And to Mr. McClellan, thanks for the memories!!!!

May 1967 Concert Program
Christmas Concert (1965)
Excerpts from Christmas and Spring Concerts (1966-1967)